Online Translation Agency

    Giving the exact and close translation of various text types from English-Arabic & Arabic-English..

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    01. Quality

    With OTA, translation quality is the most significant issue.
    Provide and supply optimal text translations.
    Available translators, with their vast translation expertise, are professional where they do their best to simulate living English into exact Arabic texts.
    Professional translators are practically examined prior to joining Online Translation Agency (OTA).

    02. Speed

    English to Arabic or Arabic to English Translation time is essential key for Online Translation Agency (OTA) to satisfy clients/customers.
    Therefore, OTA is classified as fastest professional translation services agency through the area.
    Translating period is of a lead matter; translators’ focus with their number working in parallel.

    03. Rates

    If formal quote is needed for English to Arabic or translation from Arabic to English, feel free to contact: .
    Usually, for general language translation, $0.06 per word is a fixed rate, and $0.12 per word of specialized text ones; e.g. legal, medical, and contractual translation...etc.

    Arabic English Translations..

    Obtaining a text translated from English into Arabic or vice versa, might hardly be an arduous, or rather difficult demand..

    In case of not mastering both languages; then reverting to either automated translating software or a professional translator shall be the only way.
    Even for those who speak both languages translation shall be widely challenging matter.
    Hard effort, wide skill and experience are needed for professional translation to re-create something into a second tongue.
    Notwithstanding these things can be satisfied and fulfilled with OTA..


    Arabic to English translation (Ar-En):

    OTA supplies and provides accurate and professional Arabic to English translation.

    English to Arabic translation (En-Ar):

    OTA supplies and provides accurate and professional English to Arabic translation.

    Main fileds of expertise:

    • Marketing & advertising
    • Business & Economics
    • Software & Hardware
    • Telecommunications
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Legal
    • Finance
    • Journalism
    • Tourism
    • Education
    • Sociology & Politics